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A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Bone Grafting

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Restore Lost Jaw Bone Volume

A common concern for those interested in receiving dental implants is the amount of bone volume within the jaw. A proper amount of bone must be present in order to successfully place a dental implant within the jaw, but it is oftentimes lost due to missing teeth or gum disease. Since the bone will not grow back on its own, we offer effective bone grafting treatments to help patients return to a healthy oral state. Bone grafting is commonly performed in preparation for dental implants or immediately following a tooth extraction. After the bone volume has been restored with bone grafting, our doctors can perform other necessary treatments to restore your mouth.

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When is Bone Grafting Necessary?

  • After tooth loss (due to any reason)
  • Before placing dental implants
  • After a tooth extraction
  • Bone loss caused by advanced periodontitis
  • Shifting teeth or altered facial structure

Socket Preservation vs. Ridge Augmentation

socket preservation example
Socket Preservation Process

The most common forms of bone grafting are socket preservation and ridge augmentation. Socket preservation bone grafting is commonly performed immediately following a tooth extraction to fill the now empty socket with bone material. This will prevent bone loss and preserve the area so a dental implant can be placed in the future. Ridge augmentation bone grafting is used when jaw bone volume has been lost due to trauma, disease or deterioration. We will place bone grafting material over the receded location to restore the volume and even out the jaw. This also allows for dental implants to be placed if necessary.

Experienced Sinus Lift Care

We are skilled in performing advanced sinus lift bone grafting treatments in-office for those who are interested in replacing missing teeth in the back upper molar region with dental implants. When teeth have been lost in this region, the bone is often very thin due to the sinus cavity that resides above, and implants do not have the required amount of bone to be held in place successfully. With a sinus lift bone grafting procedure, our experienced doctors can gently access the cavity to raise the sinus membrane and pack the area with bone graft material. Sinus lifts require experience, precision and care to not harm the sinus membrane and restore adequate bone. After the sinus lift graft heals, you can restore the jaw with dental implants successfully.

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Gloucester Dental Offers Comprehensive Dental Care

When you choose Gloucester Dental, you will benefit from our experienced doctors and board certified oral maxillofacial surgeon team during your bone grafting treatment. We are a multi-disciplinary practice that offers comprehensive dental care under one roof. We care about our patients and our community, treating everyone just how we would want to be treated ourselves. To help our patients get the bone grafting dental care they need, we offer sedation options for pain-free, relaxed care. After bone grafting treatment and dental implants, patients often enjoy a significant improvement in their quality of life with their newly restored smile.

Prepare for dental implants with bone grafting treatment.

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