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How Gum Recession Affects You

Your gums do more than just provide an attractive frame to your smile—they also protect the tooth roots and help hold teeth firmly in place. However, due to genetics, disease, crooked teeth or aggressive brushing and flossing, your gums can begin to recede and expose the sensitive tooth roots to damage. When gum recession occurs, the gum tissue pulls away from the teeth and cannot return to normal levels without professional care. Gum recession causes the roots to be exposed to potential damage, bacteria or disease, as well as look unattractive within your smile. At Gloucester Dental, we offer time-tested gum grafting treatment to protect your oral health and restore your gumline from the effects of gum recession.

gum recession process

Signs of Gum Recession

• Elongated teeth
• Sensitivity to hot or cold beverage
• Gaps forming between the teeth
• Discoloration to teeth along the gum line

The Effective Results of Gum Grafting

gum recession after gloucester ma gum recession after gloucester ma

Gum Grafting Before and After

Gum grafting is the traditional method of restoring cases of gum recession and has been proven to effectively provide natural looking results. We can use a graft material from either your own body (typically the roof of your mouth) or a donor source. This material is placed over the site of gum recession, being careful to cover all exposed tooth roots. The graft will then be carefully attached using small sutures to hold it in place during the healing process. After the graft has healed, it will blend in seamlessly with your surrounding gums and protect your smile and tooth roots.

Trust in a Team Dedicated to Results

We always look at your complete oral health as a whole, establishing the root cause of gum recession, like gum disease, and address any problems before moving forward with treatment. As the largest practice in the Cape Ann area, our team also focuses on providing patients with the most effective and time-tested techniques in dentistry. This is why we offer traditional gum grafting as it is proven to be one of the most successful ways to treat gum recession.  After restoring health to their mouths with gum recession treatment, most patients enjoy a significant boost to their oral health and self-confidence.

Choose the time-tested results of gum grafting to correct your receding gums.

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