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Tooth Extractions Remove Problem Teeth and Save Your Oral Health

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Tooth Extractions are More Common Than You Think

While it is never pleasant to lose a tooth, over 74 percent of all American adults have had at least one tooth extracted within their lifetime. Our team will always try to save your natural teeth, but in extreme circumstances, tooth extractions may be the best option to save your oral health and prevent problems. Another common reason patients require tooth extraction is for wisdom teeth. As wisdom teeth grow in, they can cause a variety of problems if not removed by qualified dental professionals. Gloucester Dental is a multi-disciplinary practice featuring experience dentists and board-certified oral maxillofacial surgeons who provide wisdom teeth and traditional tooth extractions in a friendly, professional environment.

Dt. Laskarides talks about impacted wisdom teeth
Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed??

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

• Impacted wisdom teeth
• Damaged or broken teeth
• Severe tooth infection
• Replacement with dental implants
• Prevalence of advanced gum disease
• Overcrowded teeth

Your Trusted Wisdom Teeth Experts

Wisdom teeth are extra molars that begin to develop in the back of the mouth during the late teenage years. Wisdom teeth often do not have the adequate space to grow in properly and can become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can damage surrounding teeth, easily become infected, or cause your bite to shift as teeth become crowded. Gloucester Dental is experienced in wisdom teeth extraction and has a board-certified oral surgeon in-house who performs the tooth extractions. We also offer sedation, including IV sedation to make your surgery comfortable. Choosing an experienced and educated team is important to ensure the wisdom teeth are removed successfully without damage to the jaw or nerves and to improve healing.

Gentle Tooth Extraction

Standard tooth extractions are typically not as invasive or surgically difficult as the removal of wisdom teeth. Most patients only require local anesthetic to block sensations of pain, feeling simply light pressure at the extraction location. After a tooth extraction we may perform socket preservation bone grafting in order to fill the empty area with sturdy bone. After the bone graft has healed and fused to your surrounding jaw bone, patients will become candidates for dental implants to replace the extracted tooth.

Save Your Teeth for Their Stem Cell Potential

With our multi-disciplinary approach to dentistry, our experienced professionals can handle any emergencies or problems in the rare circumstance they occur during your extractions. For this reason, many patients choose us as their wisdom teeth and tooth extraction specialists. Patients have now been choosing to save their extracted teeth for the valuable stem cells contained within teeth. Gloucester Dental is enrolled as a StemSave™ Dental Professional and can help save your extracted teeth to use in the future should you need them. Your extracted teeth will be skillfully cryogenically-preserved and monitored until needed. During your extraction consultation you can ask our staff to provide you with more information on StemSave.

Extracting teeth is easier and gentler than you expect.

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