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Is a Tooth Infection the Cause of Your Tooth Pain?

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Root Canal Treatment Eliminates Infection

When you experience recurring tooth pain, especially if it is severe, you may be suffering from a tooth infection. Tooth infections are serious concerns that if not treated can spread infection to other parts of the body or teeth and even cause tooth loss. The way to treat an infected tooth is through a root canal procedure. Contrary to popular belief, a root canal is not intended to cause pain but to relieve you of your tooth pain and remove infection. With the help of sedation dentistry, a root canal can be an easy procedure that leaves patients pain-free and able to use their mouth like normal once again.

The Root Canal Process

When performing a root canal on an infected tooth, we take advantage of dental sedation to block discomfort and prevent anxiety. The affected tooth will be numbed and our doctors will make a small opening in the tooth crown to access the infected interior. Using specialty tools, we will remove the infection from within the tooth and reshape the interior. Your tooth will then be filled with a biocompatible material called “gutta-percha” to restore structure and capped with a dental crown to finalize your tooth.

You May Need a Root Canal if You Experience:
• Constant tooth pain
• Sensitivity to hot or cold beverages
• Swollen lymph nodes or recurring fever
• Tooth pain when biting or chewing
• Swollen face or cheek

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Root Canals Process

An Experienced Team with Advanced Technology

As the largest dental practice in the Gloucester area, root canals are a common procedure for our team. We have a multi-disciplinary team with over 100 years of combined dental experience that allows us to handle even the most complicated of dental cases. We understand that a root canal can be a procedure that gives many patients anxiety, so we offer soothing sedation dentistry that will allow you to feel relaxed and block sensations of pain or discomfort. After your root canal is finished, we utilize convenient CEREC® technology to create same-day dental crowns to permanently restore your tooth the same day as your root canal appointment.

Relieve tooth pain with gentle, effective root canal treatment.

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